Twin towns


PannonhalmaPannonhalma is an attractive small town in Western Hungary and since 1998 the first twin town of Engen. It has 4.000 inhabitants and is situated near Györ close to the road leading to Budapest. Above the town on a mountain ridge the more than 1.000 year old Benedictine arch-abbey dominates the countryside. It was nominated to be a part of the "World's Cultural Heritage" by UNESCO.




TrilportThe partnership with the French town of Trilport was signed in the year 2000. Trilport is situated about 50 kms east of Paris. Between the Anne-Frank-Realschule in Engen and the College du Bois de L'Enclume in Trilport a lively school partnership exists for a remarkable number of years already.







MonegliaThe partnership with the Italian town of Moneglia was signed in the year 2009.







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