Historical town centre


GeschichteThe historical centre is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the southern Germany.

It not only gleams in its medieval idyllic appearance, but the careful redevelopment of the old quarters also meant revival for the town.

The complete historical centre of the town has been placed under monument protection since 1977.



GeschichteTo redevelop the historical centre of Engen expenses of more than 45 million Euros have been needed since the restaurations started in the middle of the 1970s. Engen has won several awards for its efforts. Everywhere you feel the care with which this small community with its long tradition has been restored in recent years.

Special sights in the attractive town centre are the Market Square, the Municipal Museum + Gallery, the Town Church, modern fountain sculptures, decorative shop- and guesthouse signs, etc. With its southern character the historical centre of Engen invites visitors to stroll around and to rest. Discover the treasures of the historical centre of Engen for yourself.


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