Establishing industy


InnovationszentrumThe Town of Engen tries to increase the value of the economic situation of Engen and the surrounding area by activating the town´s development and by supporting trade. Consequently qualified jobs are created and made safe. Because of its good infrastructure and the ideal traffic situation, Engen offers best conditions for new companies which want to settle here.

Young people who are interested in starting their own company either in the services, or crafts industry are offered a chance to start in the town's innovation centre in Welschingen and to settle down for good either in Engen or its neighbourhood. The town of Engen offers favourable sites in the "Grub" and "Welschingen" industrial estates. The current prices are about 44 Euro/square metre (completely connected).


Industrial Estates


Available area: 42.000sqm, already
reserved area 10.000sqm, planned
enlarged area 72.000sqm, situated

right by the A81 motorway.
The size of the site depends on individual needs.



Available area: 20.000sqm, already
reserved area 2.000sqm,
planned enlarged area 150.000sqm
Rail connection possible, 5 mins to the A81 motorway.
The size of the site depends on individual needs.


In the "Grub", "Im Tal", and "Welschingen" industrial estates many firms have been able to settle in recent years, thus providing numerous jobs.


Location facts

Inhabitants: ca. 10.200


Trade in Engen

Trade tax 330 of a hundred
Ground tax A 330 of a hundred
Ground tax B 330 of a hundred


In Engen there are more than 600 companies (services, industry, crafts) with a total of about 2.500 employees.


Engen with its historical town centre, the nearby Black Forest, Switzerland, and Lake Constance, also offers you an alternative place for living under best conditions (fair prices for private land). Interesting public facilities such as schools, kindergartens, the adventure pool, hospital, etc., are to be found in Engen. Glider airstrips, hunting ranges, golf courses, sailing on nearby Lake Constance offer most attractive leisure time activities within the immediate surroundings.


Traffic links

Engen has its own motorway exit on the A81 (Stuttgart-Singen) and a railway station (Offenburg-Constance; Singen-Stuttgart). The regional railway line "Seehas" shuttles every 30 min from Engen to Singen-Constance and even to Switzerland. Federal roads with corresponding connections lead to the Black Forest, Lake Constance and to the Swiss road system. The international airport at Zurich-Kloten can be reached within 45 mins, Stuttgart Airport within an hour, the regional airports of Friedrichshafen in 45 mins and Villingen- Schwenningen in 30 mins. There is in addition a modern Hupac goods station/freight depot in Singen (15 kms from Engen).


You are free to ask for further information

phone: +49 7733 502-210 Mr Moser, Mayor of Engen
phone: +49 7733 502-212 Dept. of Economic Support
fax: +49 7733 502-299